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Surrounded by the green of the Piedmontese countryside, in Agrate Conturbia – a small town of 1,500 inhabitants 30 km from Novara – the restored spaces of an old farmhouse have been transformed into a place dedicated to artistic expression and artists.
A place with multiple souls, CASCINA I.D.E.A. consists of large exhibition spaces in domestic and non-domestic environments, a residence for artists and a sculpture park: a mosaic of environments designed with the sole aim of offering artists the opportunity to experiment in total freedom.
This project replaces that of Cascina Maria, the artist's residence born in 2017 and recently completed, which in a former rural residence hosted artists including Igshaan Adams, Francesco Arena, Riccardo Beretta, Christiane Löhr and Eva Kot'átková. Cascina I.D.E.A. is therefore born as its evolution, as an opportunity for pure experimentation, in the desire to dissolve the boundaries between disciplines and to host experiments of land art. Rural spaces want to bring back artists en plein air, offering a valid alternative to hangars or white cubes, because today more than ever a rediscovered relationship with nature can provide new stimuli and give life to shapes with new meanings.

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I.D.E.A. 2023

artist in residence: Amalia Vekri

Photo: Maurangelo Quagliarella

On Becoming

end of residency exhibition: october / december 2023
opening: october 7

Always interested in folkloric myths and legends, Amalia Vekri dedicates her exhibition project to the nymph Anguana, the protagonist of a new series of paintings, directly inspired by the influence of the three large lakes surrounding Cascina I.D.E.A.. In her dreamlike paintings, Amalia Vekri explores narratives revolving around the nymph as a metaphor for female power and energy. Shifting in between states, these beings go through physical and spiritual challenges in an effort to gain higher knowledge of the worlds that surround them, thus acquiring power. The title "On Becoming" is a reference to the transformative states of these creatures, to their continuous becoming other than themselves, in an indeterminacy that blurs their boundaries and contours.

Via Guglielmo Marconi 26
Agrate Conturbia (NO)
Visits by appointment by writing to federica@nicolettarusconi.com