artist in residence: may / september 2022

Belén Uriel

Green rim
opening: 07 - 08 of may 2022 / 11AM to 7PM

Green rim – literally translated “bordo verde" and understood as the optical phenomenon visible due to the refraction of sunlight through increasing density near the horizon – represents a deepening of Belé n Uriel's research project on the reciprocity between the human body and everyday objects.

Mediators between the subject and the world, these products that seem to exist for other reasons become means of signification, scattered signs and real languages.

I.D.E.A. Independent Domus Exhibiting Art
Cascina I.D.E.A.
Via Guglielmo Marconi 26
Agrate Conturbia (NO)

Visits by appointment by writing to elsa@nicolettarusconi.com

  • Exhibition view.

  • From left: Panóplia, 2021. Glass and lacquared iron, 174x60x50 cm. Pulso, 2021. Glass, iron and lacquared aluminuim, 160x55x55 cm.

  • Exhibition view.

  • Da sinistra: Borboleta, 2022. Lacquared iron and glass, 140x80x80 cm. Insecta, 2022. Ferro verniciato e vetro, 148x40x40 cm. Untitled (cabeça), 2017. Powder coated iron and glass, 140×60×40 cm.

  • Weezde (capacete I), 2022. Glass, 25x20x14 cm.

  • Shell (1), 2022. Glass, 20x18x12 cm.

  • Shell (2), 2022. Glass, 38x22x5 cm.

  • Marquise, 2019. Glass, 7x63×12 cm.

  • Untitled, 2018. Glass.

  • Untitled (Cadeira azuis), 2018. Glass, 26x26x12 cm.

  • Untitled (back), 2019. Glass, 29×46×7 cm.

Photo: Ludovica Mangini