artist in residence: may / september 2023

Sarah Entwistle

end of residence exhibition: may / september 2023

Death, what? The sun’s corpse will roll on
curated by Elsa Barbieri

The title, “Death, what? The sun's corpse will roll on” suggests this idea of ever-changing circular motion that brings architecture, spirit and intellect into play. Without ever having known him, Sarah Entwistle inherited from her paternal grandfather, Architect Clive Entwistle (1916-1976), a large collection of unrealised projects and personal documents, which she filters and sifts through in search of motifs, images, materials and forms. Sarah's dismantling of the formal language - linear, monumental, immobile and masculine - leads to a circular, permeable, open form that revolves around material precarious and counter-balance.

I.D.E.A. Independent Domus Exhibiting Art
Cascina I.D.E.A.
Via Guglielmo Marconi 26
Agrate Conturbia (NO)

Photo: Ludovica Mangini