Gianluigi Colin
Caos apparente

"Caos apparente" (Apparent chaos) is a reflection on the perception of time, on the systems of communication, on the value of observation. A project that is above all testimony, strategy for communicating with the chaos of life, to listen to and understand the dissonance of the media system. Gianluigi Colin conveys the "exploded beauty of news" through obsessively following recorded images printed on thousands of sheets hanging on the walls, a symbol of the relentless siege of the recorded image, almost relaying the "big noise" of information and our addiction to the world around us.
A monograph was published by Skira in 2013 for the solo exhibition of Gianluigi Colin at PArCo, Pordenone
edited by: Fulvio Dell'Agnese
texts: Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, Vincenzo Trione, Aldo Grasso