Letizia Cariello in St Moritz

Upon the invitation of a well-known fashion house on the occasion of the traveling event NOMAD, Nicoletta Rusconi Art Projects conceived and created an artist project in the windows of the St Moritz showroom.
The Italian artist Letizia Cariello was chosen for the collaboration with this important Italian textile brand. She created the installation Roundabout using red thread wrapped around the iconic garments exposed to the public.
Below is the text accompanying the installation written by the curator Mariella Paderni.

Letizia Cariello

Spinning, weaving, plaiting are among the most ancient skills in human culture, a ritual of gestures which combined create a veil that covers our body becoming a second skin. The substance, of which our world is made, has within it the secret of an element that draws the reality of time and space - we think of the mythological thread of Ariadne, who traces a path through the labyrinth and thus manages to find the way back . Our culture is full of old and new metaphors investigated by the work of Letizia Cariello who, through the weaving of ties and relationships between the past and the present, reveals our own being time.
Cariello invests the image of the thread and the art of weaving, of tying together, of a lyrical reflection on the perception of space and time with respect to the subjectivity of oneself, in an era of increasingly dematerialized experiences, emptied of tactility and contact, physicality and poetry. Her body, her hands, are the tools of a refined interweaving interplay that unites heterogeneous elements: the red woollen thread is the sign that connects the elements with each other and, as in the case of Roundabout, interwoven relationships between the two white cloaks, the bodies that will wear them and the physical work of the artist, linking past, present and future in the space of the installation.
Symbol of a discourse between feeling and doing, Roundabout expands in the space of Loro Piana, transforming architecture and shaping our relationship with it, linking the infinite presences that fall under our eyes.

– Marinella Paderni