Nicoletta Rusconi Art Project and Silvia Galbiati Architecture and Design developed the joint project ARX-ITECTURE, an accurate, refined and conscious path of art and enterprise, designed to promote the languages of contemporary art and design.

“The collaboration with Silvia Galbiati was born spontaneously from the common dream of finding the way to give art the opportunity to involve more and more people and more and more worlds. One in particular, that of the interior: I imagine and I believe in the possibility of being able to involve artists in projects that go beyond the borders to reach boats, buildings and internals: in short, to the daily space, in which we live, which we enjoy”

says Nicoletta Rusconi
Silvia Galbiati, who has always been a lover of art and sensitive to all its forms, adds

“With Nicoletta we have the opportunity to leave galleries, institutions and collections with the intention of reaching everyday contexts, on a human scale. We would like that art would be able to shine, functionally, in every space, accompanied and supported by an architecture that gives it the freedom to express itself”

One can imagine installations, site-specific, permanent interventions on a small and large scale, providing the opportunity to insert mediums such as painting and sculpture as a new form of interior design. All the infinite possibilities contained in this union, said Rusconi and Galbiati, will be discovered in the meantime.

Together, then. Not anymore and not only to bring contemporary art closer to a wider audience of enthusiasts and collectors, but also, and above all, to encourage the meeting and flow of all the souls of art in our spaces, because today more than ever a rediscovered relationship with nature can provide new stimuli and give life to forms with new meanings.


presentation event of the project at Spazio BANNER in Milan

A year after its first physical presentation, in Milan, Bite&Go, the itinerant and international project, son of ArtBite Project, conceived by Nicoletta Rusconi Art Projects, offers itself in a new showcase of exhibition and dialogue with the public.

tea & cakes
thursday 17th november
presentation at 16.00

Via Sant’Andrea 8/A

  • Silvia Galbiati and Nicoletta Rusconi at Spazio BANNER

  • Installation view

  • Installation detail