Davide Tranchina
40 giorni e 40 notti a Montecristo

The work "40 giorni e 40 notti a Montecristo" (40 days and 40 nights in Monte Cristo) is the result of an art residency spent during the summer of 2012 on one of the most inaccessible islands that exists, and it’s for precisely this reason, that in our imagination it has become synonymous with distance. The resulting images mix moments of reality that seem to be far-fetched, others are constructed but seem real, without solution of continuity.
A selection of the work will be on display at the exhibition "Landscape mon amour" at the Rovereto Mart from April 5, 2014.

  • 40 notti a Montecristo, 2012-2013
    True giclée print mounted on dibond