Francesco Pignatelli
Osservatorio 1994 - 2012

With an unusual perspective Francesco Pignatelli measures the complex dimensions of reality through the involvement and manipulation of light, creating projections of the world and of thoughts that push the viewer to re-look at and re-consider what surrounds us.
Thanks to various forms of manipulation of paper, his work, at times comes out of the mainstream of photography to be mixed with painting and sculpture - and it is in this artistic contamination that one of the most significant figures of its connection with the contemporary is found.
"Osservatorio‚ÄĚ (Observatory) is a path that winds through the artist's work, allowing you to follow the evolution of its use of the medium, the common thread of a constant, varied and contagious reflection on the categories of existence.

publisher: GAMM Giunti, Firenze
introduction texts: Paola Bonini, Kyoko Jimbo
texts: Camilla E. Brown, Elena Chernyak, Suzan Geldhoff, Sylvie Lin, Luisa Santos, Leon Tan


. (In)Visibile, Paola Bonini
. Fra il vuoto e la realtà, Kyoko Jimbo

. L'arte della trasformazione nell'opera di Francesco Pignatelli, Camilla E. Brown